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Original real Basque peppers.

We are a company that we take years devoting ourselves to the production and sell Ibarra chilli peppers with eusko label.  

Our production in a totally traditional way in our hamlets, harvest is very elegant and selective compilation, in the time harvest.

During the last year products such as piparra sauce have been promoted for all Gourmet consumers looking for new trends and flavors, or as the organic chilli pepper with the Eusko Label.

Original real Basque organic peppers with Eusko Label.
  • Brand name: AGIÑA PIPERRAK
  • Sector: PICKLES
  • Organic
Varietal type Arroniz extra virgin olive oil
  • Brand name: AGIÑA PIPERRAK
Ibarra peppers sauce
  • Brand name: PIPAR SALTSA
  • Sector: OTHER SAUCES
  • New

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