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A family business founded in 1994 offering its now well-known producto “La Guindilla de Ibarra” with the certified Basque label of Quality. Production in Zubelzu is carried out with extreme care, using the most environmentally-friendy farming practices. The harvesting is rigorous and selective, done at just the right moment of growth.

Through inspections and controls established from the point of origin to commercialisation, the Regulatory Council of the Basque Quality Label certifies and guarantees the characteristics of Zubelzu green chili pepper which arrives at the market with the Basque Label.

Zubelzu Piparrak SL received in 2016 the “Superior Taste Award” from iTQi, due to their most representative product: “Gilda” from Ibarra. It’s the only seal of quality in flavor given by chefs,  sommeliers and opinión leaders with Michelin stars.

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