• Exhibitor: ZAMORA COMPANY
  • Brand name: LICOR 43 OROCHATA
  • Sector: LICORES
  • New

A delicate fusion of Licor 43 with Valencian Horchata

With a light and silky texture, it presents an unmistakable Mediterranean flavor of tiger nuts, citrus and spices.

Perfect to enjoy alone or in company, its delicious flavor will transport you to a world full of sensations. Consumed with ice it is a refreshing drink that will seduce you from the first sip.

We are a family business. Passionate about what we do and proud of how we do it. Owners of our destiny and responsible for our decisions and results. Creators and distributors of premium wines and spirits. From its Spanish origin, it is today one of the worldwide leading companies in the sector, with a portfolio of more than 15 brands operating in more than 80 countries.

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