White wine 100% Sauvignon Blanc D.O. Rueda

  • Exhibitor: VINOS SANZ
  • Brand name: SANZ SAUVIGNON

This varietal masterpiece is made from a selection of the best Sauvignon Blanc grapes hand picked from the winery’s own vineyards and processed with special care to achieve wine that expresses the full range of this grape’s characteristic aromas and flavours, which closely resemble those of tropical fruits. After being meticulously selected in the vineyard, the grapes were vinified using traditional methods.  

Tasting notes: Excellent straw-yellow wine with very intense aromas; fragrant and fruity with the hallmark of the variety. Full and unctuous on the palate with a magnificent acid-alcohol balance and a long, lingering finish.

Vinos Sanz, the oldest Rueda winery, was founded in 1870.

Our vineyards are located in the prestigious grape growing area of La Seca (Rueda). This is a privileged location near the river Duero. We check and verify all our winemaking process, from the picking of the fruit to the bottling and packing process. We make this effort to give our customers high quality wines.

After more than 130 years working in Rueda, we wanted new challenges and we selected Madrid to start a new project producing red wines. In 2015, we launched the first wine under D.O. Vinos de Madrid, Sanz La Capital.

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