El grupo de bodegas MW Wines presentará sus novedades de las bodegas Finca Lagunilla, Sierra Salinas, o Bodegas Monovar con su reconocido Fondillón.

Alicante is one of the most historical areas of the Iberian Peninsula. It was the “port of entry” of “vitis vinifera” and the place where a rich culture of wine was developed. The varieties settled here, like “moscatel” or “monastrell” (mourvedre), are perfect for producing naturally sweet o generous wines, white or red “mistelas”, “doble pasta” red wines, aged and old wines, and so on. But between all of them the King wine is “Fondillón”, a special wine, protected by the European Union and made with overriped monastrell. “Fondillón” is aged in barrels for minimum 10 years, with no sugar or other substances added.

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