VERMUT ZECCHINI , fórmula original,

  • Exhibitor: VERMUT ZECCHINI
  • Brand name: VERMUT ZECCHINI , Fórmula Original
  • Sector: VERMUT

Vermut Zecchini red, Original Formula.

Vermouth ZECCHINI Red Original Formula, made from the best wines and aromatic herbs mix, provides a persistent aroma. Serve cold, with ice and orange slice.

SILVER Medal in the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2017,   GOLD medal  in the TASTE WINE UP WINE-UP 2018 international competition,

CATA's notes:

View: Dark mahogany color, intense and bright, Aromatic, with elegant spicy and balsamic touches. Mouth: Intense body and easy passage, very pleasant entry and long end and a bitterness that balances the botanical hepaceous and spicy. Very balanced


Vermouth makers since 1940, Zecchini is synonymous with the development and aging of Vermuts since the beginning of the last century. In those years the vermouth was in Madrid a new arrival from Italy. Today the Vermouth Zecchini continues to conquer palates, although transformed into true Madrid tradition and rooted in the most authentic of our unique region

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