Sangría Lolailo Sophisticated Rosé, a touch of elegance, a sparkle of glamor, and the sweetness of a lovely sangria. The subtle smile of the watermelon, the personality of the grapefruit and the mischief of the mandarin make this sangria a special and surprising drink.

Vermut Zarro is the Vermouth of Madrid, a handcrafted vermouth since 1968, with the best natural ingredients and quality wines. A genuine vermouth with a history that triumphs with any of his varieties: Vermut Zarro Blanco, Vermut Zarro Rojo and Zarro Reserva; Vermut Zarro Único and Vermut Zarro Ecológico, the first organic vermouth in the world. In this edition, Vermut Zarro is presented very well matched with two novelties, Sangría Lolaio Sofisticada and Sangría Lolailo Bio, a new and refreshing proposal that promises revolutionate the sector. For more information visit : /

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