Red Cardoon from Ágreda

  • Exhibitor: VEHORTU
  • Brand name: VEHORTU
  • Innovation Area
Red Cardoon from Ágreda, cleaned, peeled, cutted and vacuun packaged.

VEHORTU Was born in the “Ribera de Navarra” with the goal of sharing with the rest of the world, the products of our land, well known as "The garden of Europe".    

We manufacture and sell vegetables ready for preparation and consumption, making them reach our customers or fresh and clean or as IV range products, in which we are pioneers producing and commercializing artichoke.

We are distinguised by:

  • Exhaustive selection of each and every one of the raw materials we use.
  • Semi-Handmade processing, we work raw materials as you would do it at home.
  • Minimal Pasteurization Treatment, right and necessary to improve conservation and self-life.
  • Vacuum Packaging which increases products’ durability, maintaining its organoleptic and nutritional properties.

We are different by:

  • Total Quality in our work
    • Food Safety
    • Processes
    • Procedures
  • Our products are:
    • Natural, Fresh and healthy.
    • Durable, Easily preservable.
    • Practical, Ready for preparation.
    • Cost-effective, Reduce elaboration time.