Caramelized small onions


Fresh small onions vacuum cooked at low temperature with caramel. Products vacuum packed individually and frozen, with 18 months of expiration. 


  • Unit weight 500gr // 6 units per box


  1. Thaw at a controlled temperature 24 hours before use
  2. Salted in a frying pan
  3. Use as a garnish

VACinBAG Cooking Solutions is a company engaged in gourmet pre-cooked products for food service professionals. We offer a wide range of cooking solutions using meat as well as a variety of sauces and garnishes, and also gourmet haute cuisine products designed to ease the work of chefs and add value to the management of professional kitchens. Our cooking solutions are focused on preparing complete main courses as well as tapas or may also be applied as products that can be customized in a different way by every cook. We are a team of  cooking professionals highly specialized in gastronomy and management, closely working with our customers so as to offer the best solutions throughout our products.