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Truefoods Orange Bio 125 ml No Sugar Added is an organic and vegan juice drink with all the flavour of orange in which we have selected natural orange juices of low acidity to be able to offer this drink with only the sugar coming from the orange juice. 

Made with 50% of organic orange juice contains only about 4,5 grams of sugar per 100 ml compared to the approximate 8-9 grams of the reference juice, as important as the reduction of sugar content is the rebate almost 50% of the glucose content (Glycemic Index = 100).

Its 125 ml format is aligned with the latest nutrition trends that recommend reducing the consumption of juices and juice drinks in children to no more than 150 ml. 

Truefoods is an opportunity to quench thirst with an organic drink that helps meet the new sugar intake standards set by the World Health Organization and will soon have to be picked up by the European Union.

Truefoods is an innovative opportunity for Organic Consumers to reduce the daily intake of Sugars, and Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load using either Organic Agave Syrup, either Organic Fiber or Fructose as sweetener.

We have achieved our goal of nutritional improvement based on three Agave Syrup advantages:

1. Agave syrup is rich in fructose (Glycemic Index = 15) four times less of this of the sugar (Glycemic Index= 65).

2. Sweetener power of Agave Syrup is near to 1.5 times higher than that of the sugar.

3. The sweetening capacity of the agave syrup is enhanced when the beverages are taken very cold.  

Thanks to the properties of agave syrup and the use of natural aromas we get a double benefit in our beverages: we reduce the amount of sugars by 100 ml of drink and improve the nutritional quality of the sugars present (we reduce the contents Glucose and sucrose and increase the fructose. Our organic pomegranate juice drink, for example, has approximately 40% less sugar and a 59% lower glycaemic load compared to the reference juice.

Our beverages are presented in Tetra Prisma 1 liter format: Pomegranate, orange, apple, lemon, pineapple and grape, and peach and grape, all with agave syrup and in Tetra Brik format of 125 ml: Apple with agave, orange without added sugars, peach with fiber and pomegranate and red grape with fructose. 

The new 125 ml format is due to the latest nutritional trends that advocate reducing the ration of beverages for children to no more than 150 ml.

At Truefoods, we are committed to an ecological and healthy diet and we are committed to putting our knowledge and technology at the service of consumers.