Masterclass, IGP Ternera Gallega (Galician Veal) and IGP Vaca y Buey de Galicia.

Showcooking with Ternera Gallega alternative cuts and presentation of the new IGP Vaca y Buey de Galicia, with recipes made with Vaca Gallega. Our chef will be Flavio Morganti. 

The meat commercialised under the name I.G.P. Ternera Gallega comes exclusively from calves born, raised and slaughtered in Galicia, from native breeds and their cross breeds after overcoming a rigorous integral control programme. The control begins when the calves are born, their rearing, feeding and healthcare, until their slaughtering and the presentation of the meat at sales outlets, all according to current legislation. The calves are fed with cow's milk, fodder and vegetable concentrates without any sort of animal products or forbidden substances. Our control work enables us to assure that Ternera Gallega meat has the HIGHEST QUALITY AND GUARANTEE. The calves are normally slaughtered before reaching 10 months of age. The meat is characterised by its light pink or red colour, pearl white coloured fat infiltration, lean aspect, soft texture and pleasant taste. Once matured and properly cooked, it is extraordinarily tender meat, juicy and succulent. It is definitely food for exquisite and demanding palates, looking for unique and special sensations in meat. The meat labelled Ternera Gallega is perfectly identified for consumers, by means of the guarantee certificates and the corresponding back labels. It is commercialised in traditional cuts, in fillets in trays and currently also vacuum-packed, sold both in traditional butchers and in supermarkets and large shopping centres in the whole of Spain.

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