Sbrinz AOP: its ripening process is the longest of the Swiss cheeses

Although its origins are not known for certain, it is known to be one of the oldest cheeses in Switzerland. It comes from Lucerne, in central Switzerland, and is believed to owe its name to the people of Brienz. Its ripening process, between 18 and 24 months, is the longest Swiss cheese and gives Sbrinz AOP its extraneous mass, its powerful flavor and its important digestive properties. It is an excellent aperitif accompanied by dry white wine and nuts, grapes or bread.

Switzerland Cheese Marketing, SL Spain, headquartered in Bern, is responsible for the promotion of Swiss Cheese in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. There are 430 varieties of cheese in Switzerland: in Spain we find Appenzeller®, Emmentaler AOP, Le Gruyère AOP, L'Etivaz AOP, Sbrinz AOP, Tête de Moine AOP and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP. Swiss cheese does not use additives in its production, they are 100% natural, they are high in calcium and they are suitable for celiacs and lactose intolerant.

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