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Dessalted Deep Frozen Codfish

  • Exhibitor: SR. BACALHAU
  • Brand name: Sr. Bacalhau
  • Sector: PESCADOS
Deep Frozen Codfish cuted in slices

When it comes to Quality Cod, the name of Rui Costa and Sousa e Irmão, S.A. is in the forefront as one of the largest processors and marketers of Dried Salted Codfish and Desalinated Frozen Codfish in the World.

“We are the only ones established in Norway and Brazil, with our own companies.” In the last 90 years, the Group has won a position of prestige in the world of codfish and boasts a portfolio of customers in over 30 countries.

Due to the Group’s philosophy based on integrity and credibility, we take pride in the trust and satisfaction established with all our business partners.

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