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Organic extra virgin olive oil SOLER ROMERO

  • Exhibitor: SOLER ROMERO
  • Brand name: SOLER ROMERO
  • Organic Area
SOLER ROMERO EVOO is elegant body oil, with amazing complex flavours, appreciating herbs notes of green olive leaves, and a variety of fruity notes, mainly to green olives, and also tomato, artichoke, almonds and apple. Fruitiness in perfect balance with pleasant light bitterness and peppery. A good picual as SOLER ROMERO will elevate any dish, enhancing, but not hiding, the flavours of the ingredients. Available in 3L and 500ml tins and in 250 and 500 ml bottle
Soler Romero is a family business with an extensive olive tradition. We produce, pack and distribute organic extra virgin olive oil, processing only the olives grown in our farm, located in Alcaudete, Jaén. Our family remains actively involved in all operations from cultivation to commercialization. We are one of the few organic olive farms with total traceability in Spain: the organic extra virgin olive oil SOLER ROMERO is made exclusively with olives from our olive grove.

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