• Exhibitor: SIETE SUERTES
  • Brand name: SIETE SUERTES

Vida útil: 1 año en congelación y 45 días en refrigeración.

Regeneración: Calentar en microondas, horno de vapor o baño maría y servir. 

At Siete Suertes we cook finished convenience dishes to offer tasty solutions to any type of hospitality business.   

We select the best raw materials and cook them traditionally to obtain the best of every ingredient. Our preservation system is natural, mainly based on soft heat treatments that allow to retain all the nutritional and sensory orginal properties, like just made. The outcome is a healthy, top quality and long shelf life cuisin.   

We love to adapt to all the necesities, develop new recipies and apply new techniques to incorporate the last trends. Any idea? We´ll cook it!

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