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The Lagar of Somarroza is a small family business that combines traditional methods with a modern technique. Achieving a cider with excellent qualities and bringing back a taste of the old rural Cantabria for our consumers.
  • Brand name: Sidra Natural Somarroza
  • Sector: CIDER
Sparkling Sweet Cider
  • Brand name: Sidra Espumosa Dulce Somarroza
  • Sector: CIDER
Natural Cider ecological own harvest
  • Brand name: Sidra Natural Ecológica Somarroza
  • Sector: CIDER
  • Organic
La Sidruca craft cider (25cl.)
  • Brand name: La Sidruca Natural
  • Sector: CIDER
La Sidruca Sweet taste.
  • Brand name: La Sidruca Dulce
  • Sector: CIDER
La sidruca with lemon juice
  • Brand name: La Sidruca con zumo natural de Limón
  • Sector: CIDER

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