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Ice Cider

Ice cider is a fermented product made of ice apple juice from 100% Premium apples. The climate, the landscape and the variety are the three key factors why Asturias is considered a unique region, birthplace of quality apples. Approximately 5 kg. of apples are needed just to obtain 375 ml. of this ice cider. Old gold in a glass, thick and shiny, a treat for the senses. A pure apple fragance and a sweet and intense explosion of flavour, with 12% alcohol leaves place for the sourness and the freshness of the fruit from the "malus pumila". A ripe product ready to be consumed but it will also improve positively if bottled.

Sidra Cortina is a spanish enterprise (Asturias) dedicated to the production of natural cider since 1952. Leader in the production of cider with denomination of origin "Sidra de Asturias", since 2017 they also produce ice cider.

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