The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Medium Coupage Señoríos de Relleu®, is a coupage of extra virign olive oils of five native and arbequina variety, with a medium fruity, a light bitter and a spicy upper middle, wich provide strong. The main naunces of this oil are fresh and remind to the green almond and freshly cut grass, with a characteristic touch provided by the arbequina variety.We can go further our perception and find on the internal of this oil the fresh of the tomato and the body of the fig. An oil wich you can delight your palates.

Señoríos de Relleu is a Young company with an experienced family background in agronomy and traditional olive - growing.

Our Project combines tradition with the latest technological advancements, always with the passion for this juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as an innovating boost.

We develop our activity in an área in which the earliest harvests in Spain are obtained, which provides unique growth and ripening conditions.

Integration of the oil press in the property, the product´straceabhility, the comprehensive monitoring of the fruit and care from tree to bottle, are the basic concepts on which we base oru work to obtain olive oil of the highest quality.

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