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Wooden box for teas in catering and hotel buffet with 56 tea pyramids SEMPER TEA

A brillant presentation of tea in the hotel industry. Easy handling of the tea in the catering service. Monodosis with pyramid teas, elegant, practical and clean.

Our tea chest with pyramidal tea bags, Coral Collection has been specially designed for the high-end hotel and catering sector, with a larger and more attractive size. Presentation of Semper Tea organic tea:

  • tea for Buffets
  • tea for Caterings
  • tea for Meetings
  • tea for coffee break
  • tea to offer at conferences or events, the point of attention among its customers.

Ask for the Starter Kit with the Tea Chest for 56 tea pyramid bags Coral Collection, for the ideal start with Semper Tea.

Complementary products for hospitality: tea and infusions to incorporate into your Business.

Semper Tea offers tea concepts for your business - modern, elegant and creative. Semper Tea fuses the traditional with the modern, selecting premium organic tea in attractive, high-quality designs and displays. Our tea lines Coral and Pearl Collection have been developed for the hospitality industry, tailored to the needs of your guests and customers.

Semper Tea is well suited for: Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Hotel rooms, Conferences, Catering, Events, Wellness, Offices, Buffets, Food Service Industry, Fine Food Shops

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