a Personalized table service with the Exclusive Tea Chest of 24 mini boxes.  

Your guest chooses from 12 delicious tea flavors. Either selecting from the tea menu or directly out of the Coral Line Tea Chest brought to the table for perusal. Tea cup, hot water and selected mini box is then delivered and the guest prepares his/her tea using the desired steeping time.

Ideal for: Restaurants, Cafes, Meetings and Conferences, Catering, Events, Offices and Businesses, Food Services, Fine Food Shops

Semper Tea offers tea concepts for your business - modern, elegant and creative. Semper Tea fuses the traditional with the modern, selecting premium organic tea in attractive, high-quality designs and displays. Our tea lines Coral and Pearl Collection have been developed for the hospitality industry, tailored to the needs of your guests and customers.

Semper Tea is well suited for: Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Hotel rooms, Conferences, Catering, Events, Wellness, Offices, Buffets, Food Service Industry, Fine Food Shops