Duck lever MI-CUIT 130grs.

  • Brand name: Selectos de Castilla
  • Sector: MICUIT DE PATO / OCA
  • Innovation Area

DUCK LIVER  “MICUIT” Pasteurized duck liver..

Ingredients:       Duck liver, salt, pepper..

Presentation:     Vacuum packaging  130g. Present box 130g.

Conservation:    Bewteen 1º -4ºC.

Shelf life:            90  days.

Selectos de Castilla is a company that elaborates products of Duck and Foie Gras in a traditional way with the ducks that wey breed, and sacrifice in our own farm and slaughterhouse, the control of the feeding of the ducks, their extensive breeding in open range, its traditional fattening as well as the recipes of elaborations without additives or preservatives in our facilities, allow a total traceability and a transparency that helps us to serve in Spain, Europe and in the rest of the world with a guarantee of quality and rigorous quality controls