Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest with P.D.O. Sierra deCazorla (variety picual) harvested in october. The Picual oilis full bodied, of medium and balanced bitterness andspiciness, intense fruity avour, without any aws. Greennotes usually appear in its aroma: fruity tomato plant andgreen almond. Among its best qualities is its resistance torancidity due to the signicant amount of vitamin E thathas.
We are an Olive Oil Cooperative that has more than 2,200 members, located in the natural park of "Sierra de Cazorla", being the most important in the area, being among the 3 largest olive oil factories in the world, as the most technologically advanced in terms of systems and processes of production, traceability and quality. We are currently in the process of commercial expansion, we want a business partner to expand and therefore we would like that through you we get this great project, in which we offer commercial advice, training to your entire commercial department, presentations and quick tasting courses, training to sales teams, possibility of tasting at points of sale. All this we are in a position to offer you so that our expansion project together with your way of reaching the final consumer will have satisfactory results for both parties. Also tell you that our products have excellent organoleptic properties, are certified and endorsed by the Regulatory Council Denomination of Origin "SIERRA DE CAZORLA", very rich in natural antioxidants, polyphenols, an oil with special characteristics and unique by our geographical location. Another handicap that we offer is the possibility of closing the price in the medium / long term by making a forecast and commercial agreement.We produce several types of Olive Oils ranging from Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Extra Virgin Olive Oils, and certified by D.O.P. SIERRA DE CAZORLA and all the existing certifications through Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Virgin Olive, Olive, Orujo de Oliva etc. As well as the possibility of making the customer's brand.