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  • Exhibitor: SAVIA NATURA
  • Brand name: BANANA with STRAWBERRY POWDER 40gr
  • Sector: SNACKS


No preservatives or colourants

No added sugars



The last food technology

A great variety of flavours

In GREENDAY we only package fruit and vegetables guaranteeing the maximum quality. We don't use any additives during the production process. In this way, we ensure that the final product respects the original properties of the fruit and vegetables: flavour, vitamins and nutrients

Savia Natura S.L. is a holding belonging to more than five companies, all dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of food products. Savia Natura S.L. is being remodelled with Pertusa S.L. by its side, with which it has joined forces and departments, cementing a joint venture to create and develop new lines of fish snacks.

Savia Natura S.L. is also constantly researching and developing with other manufacturers worldwide in order to create synergies within our markets and investing in new business areas, giving us the competitive advantage of being a leader in our sector today. We invest, innovate and research new categories of snack products and develop current, daring formats to reach an increasingly demanding public.

Savia Natura S.L. aims to be a pioneering company worldwide, marketing a product category that is 100% natural. Currently we have the crispy cod and salmon category. We have already carried out test with cuttlefish and squid and the results were spectacular. We launched new products internationally in 2015 and were present at fairs such as SIAL, Europe Fine Food, SeaFood, Alimentaria, Gourmets.

Savia Natura S.L. is aiming to carry out research and launch new products on the market.