The cake shop of Miguel & Santa Rita, drawing of 5 batches of product

In collaboration with Miguel Hinojosa, in his Blog "La Repostería de Miguel" we carry out actions and collaborations to publicize the Flours of Santa Rita, as well as original and innovative uses and recipes of these flours and preparations. Now we are carrying out a lottery, of five batches of product, so that the followers of the Blog, can check for themselves, as are our flours and prepared. Many thanks to Miguel, and to all those who have been encouraged to participate. Greetings.

Santa Rita Harinas, is the food company that has most innovated in the world of flour, making a basic product, an ingredient that allows us to have fun and be creative in the kitchen.

We have the most exclusive ingredients, formulation and packaging. A differentiating, practical and hygienic presentation that allows better conservation and food safety.We are proud of our wide and varied range of products to enjoy cooking:Flours for Tempuras, Wheat and Corn Flours, for Frying Fish or for Croquettes and Bechamel. Very Crispy Fried Onion, garlic and parsley dressing, or frying Kentucky style chicken.Flours for Pizzas and Muffins, Biscuits ... And grated bread, crispy Pan Cracker and Panko.

We continue researching every day to be able to offer new products and new gastronomic experiences. In Santa Rita we want to put our granite of flour in each dish that is made with the heart. That's why we take care of every detail, because we know that the goal is not important. The important thing is the path and each person who trusts us. We are much more than flour. We are a different way of making flours. We are the ingredient of Happiness. !!!!!!