Helados Cremosos A.O.V.E.

  • Exhibitor: SANDRO DESII
  • Brand name: Sandro Desii
  • Sector: HELADOS
  • New
Helados sin leche con base de Aceite de oliva virgen extra)

Il gelato italiano at Sandro Desii means the return to the craftsmanship method - with over 60 flavours of creamy ice-creams and sorbets. Our product, combined with nature’s wide range of products and innovative recipes results in exclusive and original creations. Within the pasta world, creativity is an added value: we come from the “made in Italy” seal and follow that principle to manufacture our pasta, leaving it to dry slowly at low temperatures. We add only the highest quality fillings to our products, and developing new lines made from durum-wheat semolina and sourdough. We, at Sandro Desii, are imperfect - but bet on our authenticity values and the utmost respect for quality and gastronomical legacy.

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