Located in Vilagarcía de Arousa(Pontevedra), O´Churrasco de Rubiáns is a place of enormous popularity in the Rías Baixas.

Much of its popularity is due to its exquisite offer in seafood and fish but above all it is known for its meat and for its handling of roasts and coals. In O´Churrasco de Rubiáns the meat is prepared with an exclusive recipe, created by grandmother María, which the family has been preparing in an absolutely traditional way since 1979.

This sauce has become a symbol of the restaurant to such an extinct that its growing demand has led to its commercialization on a national level.

The O´Churrasco sauce, which has been so successful since 1979, is exactly the same as the one we commercialize today, made in a 100% traditional way, always with top quality ingredients such as olive oil, ribeiro white wine or La Vera paparika.

n addition to the O´Churrasco sauce the company sells the only Galician sauce(a la gallega)  that exists in Spain, a marinade used in the preparation of roast or fried chicken and selected cannned fish with Galician sauce.

All of this range of products is distributed to small and medium sized retailers in Spain.

Sauce 100% artisan to elaborate clams "a la marinera" according to his traditional recipe
  • Brand name: SALSA A'MARINERA
  • Sector: OTHER SAUCES
  • Innovation Area
Pure water of sea (Arousa estuary) packed
  • Brand name: AUGA MAREIRA
  • Sector: OTHERS
  • Innovation Area
Galician style sauce
  • Brand name: SALSA A'GALLEGA
  • Sector: OTHER SAUCES