Spring Salt Pearls: Extra course, ideal for roasted fish and stews.

  • Exhibitor: SALINAS DON DIEGO
  • Brand name: Salinas Don Diego - Perlas de Sal de Manantial
  • Sector: SAL
  • Organic
  • New
We are facing a very innovative product. These are pearls of spring salt whose production is achieved through the screening of virgin salt extracted only and exclusively in the Don Diego salt mines, located in Jaén, Spain. Its production is limited and the only one of the zone, since its obtaining depends on the sun, the air and the waters that at that moment are extracted from the spring. A unique product, without precedent, that will offer any dish an explosion of new sensations for the palate, crunchy and authentic. It has the same health benefits as virgin spring salt, rich in minerals such as iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc. In addition, by having a shape similar to that of a diamond or pearl, it will offer our dishes a very exclusive image.

The spring salt mines from which these unique salts come are the only Iberian salt mines that have survived to this day. This has been thanks to a salt generation tradition that has been passed from parents to children and that has remained unchanged in its artisanal production system, sustainable and respectful with the environment. Salt-making masters from Don Diego salt mines have worked for generations in the management and maintenance of the intangible heritage of the interior salt mines.                                                

Salinas spring of Salinas Don Diego, have their origin in a sea that goes back to 200 million years ago, during the Late Triassic. In those times, the western half of the Iberian Peninsula was covered by the Sea Keuper or also called Sea Tethys. This one, underwent cyclical processes of evaporation and re-flooding, so that it was forming a thick saline layer on the ground. Tectonic movements ended up removing this thick layer, which was fragmented and in the subsoil. In this thick fragmented layer is the origin of the indoor natural salt mines from which salts of Don Diego salt mines are extracted.

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