Corte Sensorial de Jamón de Cordero Ecológico Lojeño

Los productores de Cordero Ecológico Lojeño nos invitan a un Taller de Corte Sensorial de Jamón de Cordero Eco Lojeño a cargo de Julio Blázquez Marín, maestro cortador y comunicador

Quality and innovation are the common factor presented in the products of Sabor Granada for this Salon de Gourmets edition.

AOVES with world wide recognition, 'super gold' cheeses, sausages from ecological lamb raised in the mountain ranges from Granada, hams and spirit drinks produced with Sierra Nevada's essence, snail's caviar, ice-creams and gazpachos made only from European raw materials like the one made of mango from our Tropical Coast,  croquettes of several tastes and the most spicy sauces in the country.

 huge range of tastes under one unique firma that groups more than 140 companies.

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