Veal tripe in sause, 500 grams

  • Exhibitor: ROYAL CHEF
  • Brand name: Royal Chef

Tripes are one of the most typical dishes in Spanish cuisine. They are made mainly from pieces of veal stomach and chorizo, all stewed in sauce.

Also available in 1 kilo and 2,5 kilo bags.

Royal Chef S.L. was created in 2009 and from its beginnings was dedicated to the elaboration of typical spanish cuisine precooked dishes (Warm and Serve).

Our company has obtained I.F.S. certification (Upper Level) and has its own quality department to guarantee food safety.

Currently, Royal Chef products can be found in the following distribution chains nationwide: El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, E.Leclerc, Makro, La Plaza de Dia.

We also rely on a network of distributors in each province to get our products to the local hospitality chain and food chains such as Gadisa, Maskom and others.

Royal Chef is gradually increasing its presence outside Spain in: France, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Mexico, Colombia and Panama.