REY ALIMENTACION, S.L was founded in the middle of 1960’s building on the experience and tradition of four generations of manufacturers of almond nougats and others sweets.

In the 1980’s our factory underwent a complete transformation to incorporate state of the art equipment and technology. This process of continuous modernization causes that REY ALIMENTACION, S.L. is to the maximum level of technology and capacity within his sector in Spain.

REY ALIMENTACION, S.L. relies on this on almond processing and peeling facilities. This fact, unusual in this sector, gives a clear idea of the preoccupation to select and treat ingredients of the highest quality. The company also as separate facilities for the manufacturing hard almond nougat, soft almond nougat and other kinds nougats (chocolate, marzipan, candied fruits …) All the cases one counts on last technology of process and control of quality.

In the middle of 1990’s we introduced quality controls at all stages from production, to packing and distribution.

At the end of the 90s, the diversification of activities began, building a modern olive oil production plant.