Hibiscus flower

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Original cocktails, full of color and with a unique taste and smell. This is how your cocktails will be from now on, including in them the right amount of Hibiscus Flower at the right time, The hibiscus flower, besides being beautiful and fragrant, is ... edible so it is very suitable to include it in your most innovative recipes such as desserts, salads and of course, for a while, it has become one of the essentials of the cocktail bar dur to its intense color that turns each combination into a star. Originally from South America and Africa, the hibiscus flower is truly valued in both gastronomy and medicine for its powers, flavor and aroma. It is considered, thanks to its intense color and properties, a powerful stimulant, even being considered an aphrodisiac more than powerful. In cocktails: Add it to your mixes directly before consuming them or infuse it with a little base drink (perfect with gin, vodka and white rum) for 5 minutes (at rest), you will not only get an unmistakable aroma but your glass will become an unmistakable deep red. After these minutes, strain the mixture in your glass and at the end, add a couple of petals to make it more eye-catching. If you want to make something really fresh, new, surprising ... Add hibiscus flower to your next Mojito. It will catch everyone’s eyes. More uses and benefits: Besides being a beautiful flower, its intense color and a mild aroma has numerous health benefits, helping lose weight, as a digestive, reducing cholesterol and it is anticarcinogenic and antibacterial. It is very rich in vitamin C and helps your defenses to be always up to date. Include Hibiscus Flower in your cocktails and recipes and you will enjoy it with all your senses.

Vicente Navarro Navarro created Regional Co. in 1921, in Novelda, a small town located in the Spanish region of Alicante. Since the beginnings, the company was devoted to supply spices and saffron in bulk. At that time, there were a continuous growth in the trading of these products and they were brought both from the Spanish region of La Mancha (mainly saffron) and from the countries of the far east. Over the first years and thanks to the business trips of the young entrepreneur, the company reached leading positions among the diverse companies trading spices at the time, becoming one of the icons of the sector for the following years.    Years after, the company passed by succession to the next generation of the family, however, due to a lack of experience and mainly because of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, only one of the sons continued with the family business, being mainly focused in the commercialization of saffron to this day. Two years ago, ninety-two years after the company was born, Regional Co brand and logo were recovered by the grandson of Vicente Navarro and the family business was restored. This time though, the brand will be defined by a new and modern character, completely different among the companies already offering spices in the market. The logo was upgraded to a new-fashioned and contemporary version, but keeping the sun and thus, the essence in the foundation of the company.

The rebirth of the company is clearly based on the idea of becoming again the new leader in the world of seasoning. However, in this new venture, the goal is clearly set up in developing a new application for the spices and botanicals, aiming to establish the brand at the top of the gourmet segment. The company is committed to finding new uses for its ingredients, aiming to be present in the international markets and being devoted to create brand awareness both online and offline. Regional Co. aims to become a well-known and appreciated brand, turning into a leading company within the gourmet segment, in accordance to its values of innovation and differentiation.        

Our values  

·       Innovation: Regional Co aims to be an innovative company within the spices and botanicals sector, giving to these ingredients new applications, packing them in new shapes and assembling designs ever seen in the market. Innovation is the key word in our company and we are committed in keep it like this in the future.

·       Brand: Regional Co. wants to become a trustable brand, conveying quality and innovation. A place where people is willing to pay a bit more for a distinctive product, simply because believe in and trust our brand.

·       People: Regional Co. has a workforce of people enforced to make decisions and willing to get involved in the company. Each of them knows that together they are important in order for the company to keep growing and moving on.

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