hàng hiệu siêu cấp Louis Vuitton hàng hiệu siêu cấp REGILAIT POCKET FULL CREAM SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK 60G TUBE | Grupo Gourmets


  • Exhibitor: REGILAIT SAS
  • Brand name: REGILAIT
  • Sector: LECHE DE VACA

Practical packing:

Can be stored at room temperature. No need fridge.

Tube thermoformed plastic (better than aluminium)

Handy stand-up and hygienic food tube.

Ready-to-sell cardboard box adapted to all sizes of stores.

Nomadic product, perfect to take away.

Gourmet offer:

 For sportmen the gourmands (for a long lasting supply of energy) 

Varied uses:

For cooking: dessert ice cream, cakes, pudding, pancakes, waffles.

For adding: in the coffee, chocolate drinks or yogurt

Packing: 12 per carton

Shelf life: 12 months

REGILAIT is the world leader in instant granulated milk powders since 1947.

Subsidiary of the 2 leading French dairy cooperatives.  Exports in more than 80 countries over the world

All our powder milk are 100% made in France, coming from our own dairy farms.

Very high quality, certified IFS. 100% pure cow’s milk (Milk must contain 34g protein minimum per 100g, if not, it is not milk! Compare!) 

A perfect Traceability of our milk

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