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  • Exhibitor: REGILAIT SAS
  • Brand name: REGILAIT
  • Sector: LECHE DE VACA
  • New

In coffee shop: the consumption of new generations who look for pleasure, taste and refreshment

At home or to take away

New offers of individual drinks ready for consuming

Delicious iced  Chocolate whether you enjoy it ambient or cold, it offers you a thirst quenching and refreshing beverage

250ml, the right amount for a snack or breakfast.

 Packing: 6 cans packed in a plastic film

Shelf life: 18 months

REGILAIT is the world leader in instant granulated milk powders since 1947.

Subsidiary of the 2 leading French dairy cooperatives.  Exports in more than 80 countries over the world

All our powder milk are 100% made in France, coming from our own dairy farms.

Very high quality, certified IFS. 100% pure cow’s milk (Milk must contain 34g protein minimum per 100g, if not, it is not milk! Compare!) 

A perfect Traceability of our milk

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