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Quesería artesana de campo

Raw milk farmhouse artisan cheese

The Spanish Network of Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese Dairies (QueRed) is a national association of small-scale cheese dairies scattered all over Spain, that produce with the own milk or milk from local farms, following traditional methods of production and using strictly natural ingredients. The cheese dairies members of QueRed highly regards raw milk and natural grazing. 

In GourmetQuesos we go with a representation of 7 cheese dairies: 


La Torre de la Roda (Albacete)

Carralejos (Salamanca)


wellDone (Sevilla)

Queso de Pastor Puerto Carrillo (Cádiz)


Quesos y Besos (Jaén)

Pastora del Guadarrama (Madrid)


Queso d'Estrabilla (Huesca)

Those cheese dairies and all the others member of QueRed can be found through this link:

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