Fine butter biscuits (200gr.)

  • Brand name: Rafa Gorrotxategi

We select best quality ingredients to elaborate our handcraft fine tea biscuits with butter, egg, milk, flour, nuts, sugar and exotic spices.

16 units per pack

10 packs per case

Expiry: 6 months

We are a company specialized in high quality pastry and confectionery. We have a new workshop, the best artisans and, of course, the guarantee of Rafa Gorrotxategi.

Rafa Gorrotxategi is the third generation of the Gorrotxategi family and since he was a child he has lived among ovens and cakes. This new stage is a step forward in quality and innovation. He will surprise us with new products and pairings that aim to bring artisan pastry to high gastronomy levels.

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