Gourmet aged cheese made with raw ewe's milk.

  • Exhibitor: QUESOS QUEVEDO
  • Brand name: Quesos Quevedo

Gourmet aged cheese made with raw ewe's milk.

Healing 10-12 months. 

Powerful and intense Bouquet in the mouth, with wide aftertaste. 

Silver medal at the World Cheese Awards.

QUEVEDO CHEESES; S.L. Cheese tradition since 1.946, making cheeses with raw milk of churro and castilian sheep.

Come to know the only cheese company, that has obtained in the last year, awards in the 3 most importan competitions at national and international level, Cincho of Gold to the best old cheese of the world, two silver medals in the World Cheese Awards, Bronze in the GourmetQuesos contest to the best cheeses in Spain.

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