Soft blended cheese MARCOS CONDE

Matured cheese, made ??with pasteurised cow´s, goat´s and sheep´s milk. Matured a mínimum of 35 days and the size “baby” minimum of 20 days.  Ivory white colour. Pressed with small holes unevenly distributed. Pleasant smell with a butter and hay aroma. Fine and very smooth flavour. Creamy in the mouth and very elastic.

Queserías de Zamora S.A., since it was founded over seven decades ago, has established itself as one of the largest manufacturarers in the cheese industry. The fundamental objective is to make a top quality cheese and to satisfy the demand of an increasingly competitive market with the best service possible. To this end, the factory has the best-trained team of staff and the most modern technological resources. The result is a large variety of ewe´s cheeses, blends, goat´s cheeses and cow´s milk cheeses made from excellent raw ingredients, endorsed by the best professionals in the field and by the awarding of numerous, highly-prestigious prizes.

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