Sheep´s Milk Cheese Manchego PDO

Sheep´s Milk Cheese with PDO Manchego, with the following maturing times: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Formats available: 3 kg, 1 kg and wedges.

Since 1978 Quesos La Vasco Navarra, located in the north of Spain, elaborates and handles dairy products.In our neat production process, anything is given to improvisation: each stage is carefully controlled, combining tradition and innovative technology, to provide a product with a guaranteed qualilty.Well known because of its quality, Albeniz offers a wide range of cheeses from cow, goat and sheep´s milk, with different presentations. Recognized as one of the main producers of D.O. Idiazabal, the company has numerous specialties and D.O. cheeses within its assortment.ContactsCategoriesBrands

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