Sierra Sevil. Goat cheese made with pasteurized goat's milk, pressed paste, with a closed texture

  • Brand name: Quesos de Radiquero
  • Organic
The elaboration:
It undergoes a process of medium maturation in cava between one and two months and its consumption is recommended before the year.
Organoleptic description:
Its flavor is soft with a very developed aroma on the palate, with a characteristic acidity point in goat cheeses, it lacks preservatives, so it is a natural product.
Cheese formats: It is manufactured in formats of 0.450kg (EAN: 8437006365017), 1kg and 2.5 kg. It is shipped in cardboard boxes according to the format: 450 g: 12 units.1.1 kg: 6 units.2,4 kg: 3 units.

Quesos de Radiquero began its journey at the end of the seventies, being currently Conchi Mata her Artesse Quesera Master.Since its inception our philosophy is given by several principles: The use of quality raw material, the monitoring of a completely handmade process but treated with high hygienic-sanitary technology and an exquisite professionalism in the preparation.
Our cheeses have a raw material of high quality and a completely handmade process. This treated with the highest hygienic-sanitary technology.
It has been more than 30 years since the cheeses that have made this place famous. Four varieties are produced: Two of them soft-paste, the Vero River of lactic coagulation and the white mold Meleses. Two of pressed paste, Sierra Sevil pasteurized milk and San Pelegrín cured raw milk with 6 months of maturation. It also produces an exquisite fresh cheese, cheese in oil, cottage cheese and creams.

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