Una vez superado el proceso de maduración se trocea y se envasa en tarros de cristal de cierre hermético, añadiendo aceite virgen de oliva, hierbas y pimienta. Una vez envasado se somete a un proceso de maceración mínima de un mes.

Se presenta en tarros de 140g.

Quesos de Radiquero began its journey at the end of the seventies, being currently Conchi Mata her Artesse Quesera Master.Since its inception our philosophy is given by several principles: The use of quality raw material, the monitoring of a completely handmade process but treated with high hygienic-sanitary technology and an exquisite professionalism in the preparation.
Our cheeses have a raw material of high quality and a completely handmade process. This treated with the highest hygienic-sanitary technology.
It has been more than 30 years since the cheeses that have made this place famous. Four varieties are produced: Two of them soft-paste, the Vero River of lactic coagulation and the white mold Meleses. Two of pressed paste, Sierra Sevil pasteurized milk and San Pelegrín cured raw milk with 6 months of maturation. It also produces an exquisite fresh cheese, cheese in oil, cottage cheese and creams.