e goats who provide the milk of these cheeses graze on semi-dessert areas of the Island of Gran Canaria which are very similar to the neighbour island of Fuerteventura. In this harsh environment goats feed from indigenous vegetation such as ´el balo´, ´el cardón´ and´la tabaiba´. After 10 days airing the cheese out, they go in to our maturing stores for 8 months (Pajonales Duro) and 2 months (PajonalesSemi). Beyond this, there is one thing that di erentiate this cheese from others, because during the cheese maturation we smear the outside of the cheese with ´Goo´ (very typical food in the Canaries Cuisine) and paprika. All these di erent factors have helped this cheese to be one of our best selling and most awarded ones.

Quesos Bolaños is a company whose origins are located in the northern area of ??the island of Gran Canaria (Spain), in the foothills of Guia and Galdar, for more than 70 years, dedicated to the maturation and distribution of traditional Canarian cheese .

From native animals, cow, sheep and Canarian goat, the latter famous for its hardiness and high production, is obtained in the farm itself a high quality milk with the highest hygienic conditions, with which, following the traditional method They make our products made from raw milk. The process culminates with a period of healing that will accentuate the traditional aroma and flavor characteristic of Canarian artisan cheeses.