• Brand name: LA PERLA - ARTCOOKING -
Cinco pequeñas porciones de carne de lomo de cerdo especiada, ensartadas en un pincho.

PRECOCINADOS LA PERLA, is a company dedicated to the production of precooked frozen products whose professional philosophy is based on the continuous INNOVATION in the creation and elaboration of foods, under the commitments of maximum quality in raw materials, innovation in the elaboration of new products, traceability throughout the production process and service guarantee.

PRECOCINADOS La Perla has been manufacturing elaborated and prepared meals for 20 years. After the last expansion, we have a production capacity of around 5,000 Tn / year. After this we have created 2 brands (IdealTapas and Artcooking) plus a PROFESSIONAL line (Low price).

- PROFESSIONAL. Competitive products In bags of 1 kilogram and / or bulk. Also bag 350g

- IdealTapas. Products for quality liners or for the hotel industry that wants to give a top or quality ration. 420g bags 10 bags per box. I attach a photo of the containers. - ArtCooking. Appetizers and products for event catering. special products for special occasions.

- LA PERLA WITHOUT GLUTEN and WITHOUT LACTOSE. A basic line for people with gluten and / or lactose intolerances. Also with mini skewers of chicken and pork and skewers of 5 pieces skewered without gluten and without lactose.

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