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  • Exhibitor: PORTO MUIÑOS
  • Brand name: PORTO-MUIÑOS
  • Sector: OTROS

Unicellular algae (chlorella) and cyanobacteria (spirulina) known for their use as nutrition supplements due to their high contents in protein as well as other essen-tial nutrients. When used for cooking, they have a soft and distinct seaweed taste and aroma.

Prior preparation is not required. Ready to use. Boiling is not recommended.
Add to your meals like any other spice.
Suggestions: give aroma to sauces, creams, stews, croquettes and scrambled eggs. Mix with flour or bread crumbs for coatings. In bread or flaky pastry dough. For making marmalades, compotes, ice-cream, soufflés and biscuits. In juices and blends. Sprinkle on fish and meat.