Traditional roasted. It is a “ready-made meal”, it is a roasted piglet in a traditional way (Ingredients: piglet, White wine, salt and garlic), vacuum packed and with the juice of the roast packaged in an independent bag.It is a pasteurized product. It is commercialized in two formats:Entire piglet: with a guaranteed minimum weight of 3,2 kg (6-8 portions)Quarter of piglet: with a guaranteed minimum weight of 1Kg (2-3 portions)It is a ready-made meal of easy, fast and comfortable regeneration- In just 15 minutes you will have in your table a dish of a roasted piglet, succulent and crunchy.It has got a shelf life of 90 days, without preservatives or artificial additives.It is a free allergen product moreover, it hasn´t got added fats, so the caloric intake of the product is moderate and those comes from, mainly, from their proteins.

The main goal of Carnes Pérez Moreno / PorkyAvila is to offer piglets, in all types of formats and presentations, that better suit our customers, always with the signature of a labelled piglet. In PorkyAvila we have spent two generations working on the huge diversity of products related to the piglet. ?

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