Oven-ready. Quarters (forequarter/hindquarter) of piglet seasoned (ingredients: piglet, White wine, lemon juice, salt, and garlic), vacuum packed in a baking bag.?It is a raw product, vacuum packed and pasteurized, it is seasoned in order to once retire the cardboard box, introduce it directly in the oven over the tray, it is not necessary to manipulate it or add anything, in just two hours you would have cooked a delicious piglet, roasted, succulent and crunchy.?It is comfortable, easy, fast and clean. The fact of being done inside of a packaging reduces the time, less smoke is sent out and the oven keeps clean. The minimum guaranteed weight in each package is 1,1 Kg.

The main goal of Carnes Pérez Moreno / PorkyAvila is to offer piglets, in all types of formats and presentations, that better suit our customers, always with the signature of a labelled piglet. In PorkyAvila we have spent two generations working on the huge diversity of products related to the piglet. ?

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