PICAR&PICAR offer herring in fillets and rolled herring fillets with pepper stuffed olives. Available from 220gr to 1300gr packaging.

PICAR&PICAR - DELICEMAR  is dedicated to the import and distribution of differents seafood, offering the best quality and attending the needs of the current market with new futur projections and at the service of our most demanding clients

In ICAVIAR we commercialize two product ranges, the caviars and spherifications.

The caviars are the eggs of fish, the most common would be that of the sturgeon, also salmon, herring,lumpfish, etc.., but we also have terrestrial snail (Helix aspersa), colloquially called “white caviar”.

The spherifications is in the form of caviar but isn't caviar, the're sphere shaped just like caviar, but can have any flavour desired (fish, fruit, sauces, alcohol etc..).