Conde de la Salceda, 100% Tempranillo, has aged in French oak barrels for 18 months

  • Exhibitor: PERELADA & CHIVITE
  • Brand name: CONDE DE LA SALCEDA
The grapes used in producing this wine are selected from our vineyards so that only the best bunches that have reached their optimal ripeness are used. The vineyards surround the winery have an altitude of about 430 meters and are located near the confluence of the Ebro and Mayor Rivers, which have a cooling effect on the area, especially during the warmest days of the summer, and allow the grape to ripen gradually and perfectly. The average age of the vineyards is 40 years, in clay-chalk soils with a medium consistency, ideal for an elite viticulture.The wines produced from these grapes have exceptional quality, full body, a dense and silky mouthfeel, yet maintain a refreshing acidity and balance.

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