It all started in a small churrería, there we started making churros and fried potatoes.

In 1991, it was decided to put a small factory on the ground floor of the family home, so they began to fry mostly fried potatoes and market them under the brand name "FRIED PIES MARIBEL".

In 1995, what is now the mercantile society PATATAS FRITAS MARIBEL S.L.With the change of legal personality, it was decided to expand the industrial structure of the activity by acquiring a plot of land on the outskirts of the town in which an industrial building of 325 meters of floor was built with a surface constructed in two heights of 650 square meters. Maintaining the two points of sale, the manufacturing was moved to the new location.

A year later another point of sale was opened in the same locality of moriles.

In 2005, due to the increasing acceptance of Maribel fries and our policy of extending routes and access to new markets, we expanded the fried line in double production, that is, two in-line coppers. So we continue to grow until the years 2011/2012, years in which we expanded our facilities with 900 square meters plus warehouse, a multi-head filler and a snack fryer, with an investment of more than € 400,000 and a project supported by help from of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Junta de Andalucía.Our commercial network and sales currently cover Andalusia, Extremadura, Navarra, Portugal, La Mancha and central Spain. It continues with an expansive commercial policy in the Andalusian region, throughout Spain and beyond our borders.

Our flagship product, as we said at the beginning, are chips, made with extra virgin olive oil, with quality, service and price always being our goal.

In 2016 we have marketed two new products:

· Maribel organic potato chips (organic chips, fried with organic extra virgin olive oil)

· Maribel gourmet fried potatoes (selected chips, fried with extra virgin olive oil).