Pastas y Hojaldres UKO was established in 1958. We are dedicated to manufacturing and sale of artisian sweets (biscuits, cookies, puff pastry...). People know us by famous Socorritos (butter puff pastry), Chocolate Bow Tie, Butter Shortbread Cookies... and some other products well known.
Assorted Butter Cookies
  • Brand name: Pastas Finas de Té Uko
  • Sector: MARZIPAN
Butter puff pastry covered with chocolate.
  • Brand name: Lazos al Chocolate Uko
  • Sector: OTHERS
Butter puff pastry covered with icing sugar
  • Brand name: Lazos al Glas Uko
  • Sector: OTHERS
The perfect biscuit for breakfast.
  • Brand name: Tortos de Almendra Uko
  • Sector: MARZIPAN
Anise flavored. Perfect for breakfast.
  • Brand name: Pisuerguinas Uko
  • Sector: MARZIPAN

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