Homemade Quince Paste

  • Exhibitor: PAIARROP
  • Brand name: Paiarrop
  • Sector: OTROS DULCES
Membrillo (Quince) is a traditional product of Spanish gastronomy. Paiarrop fruit pastes are produced with 100% fresh local fruit, following the old artisan founder´s recipe. It is a unique and perfect flavor to pair with your favorite cheese. Main Characteristics:   *Top quality local ingredients* 100% natural product* Unique organoleptic characteristics* Gluten free product (suitable for Coeliacs). * Vegetarian product (perfect for vegetarian and vegan diets). * Healthy productServing Suggestion: Our Artisan Fruit Pastes are delicious as a cheese accompaniment. Perfect with Cheese

Paiarrop is a family run business producing and distributing fine Spanish products. Tradition meets the highest quality standards (IFS-BRC) to work with the most demanding retailers worldwide. Paiarrop is recognized as the leader company in the Spanish Cheese Accompaniment business.

  • Address: Federico Garcia Lorca, S/N
  • Town: Alcúdia, l'
  • Postcode: 46250
  • County: Valencia/Valéncia
  • Country: España
  • Phone number: +34 962 541 189
  • Fax: +34 962 540 895
  • E-mail address: alberto@paiarrop.es
  • Web: http://www.paiarrop.es
  • Pavilion: 8
  • Stand: 8E28
  • Sector: FOOD

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